White Blinds (Box of 3)


91cm wide, height 183cm (You Can Cut to Size)

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What Our Customers Say.

  • I Have just received my order of a pack of blindsinabox, what a brilliant idea, I can only say, I hope your company goes from strength to strength. I am having 2 extensions added to my bungalow, it's early days yet (building's only up to damp course level). I have not yet decided on my colour scheme, so these blinds are a god send. I can still have my privacy while I make my decision. S V Wilson
  • What a great product. I can't believe how easy they are to fit. The blackouts are tremendous and my baby had the best night's sleep in 3 months — and so did I! D Davies
  • Thanks a lot. I have just moved into a new ground floor flat and was very nervous that people would look in on me. The blinds have solved my problem and are the perfect solution. H Anthony
  • I took all my curtains down for the decorators and needed a temporary cover for the windows. BLINDSINABOX ticked all the boxes and are ideal. L Saunds
  • My mum bought me Blindsinabox when I started uni and now all my friends want to steal them from me! B Dalton
  • Oh my god, I just got my order of blackout BLINDSINABOX and they're amazing!!! It took me a couple of minutes to put up and they've solved a massive problem in my house… (details of which are not important, but they involve old fashioned curtains and a dog that can't sleep unless it is dark!) Thank you for such a quick delivery and making me very very happy. Amanda
  • Had these before and they were brilliant. Seeing them again on Dragons' Den has prompted me to buy more. R. Cole
  • I have now moved into my new property and the Blinds are fantastic - I have promoted them to friends and family members who are amazed they are made from paper! N. Otte
  • I'm thrilled with the blinds I received a few weeks ago : I've told family, friends & colleagues about your website. At least two of my colleagues have ordered from you this week. Love your blinds, will continue to 'spread the word'. D Byrne. Dublin 2.
  • Just a note to say thanks for rapid dispatch of my first box of 3 blinds. I'm delighted with this inexpensive quick-fix solution for blackout blinds during this heat wave. With main rooms south-facing they're a godsend. Since we're in for a hot summer I've just ordered 6 more, to cover all essential areas! M.Walsh. Co Wicklow.